Arabia Stranden



Blev en lång promenad på 1,5h idag runt Arabia stranden och så. Synd att jag inte tog med mig kameran, hade som tur åtminståne telefonen med -det var ju så himla fint! /Went for a walk around Arabia (Helsinki) today. Too bad I didnt have my camera with me. Well, atleast I had my phone with me to somewhat capture the beautiful landscape!


10 reaktioner på ”Arabia Stranden

    • De va riktigt magiskt här i går nästan! Vattnet va nästan helt spegelblankt så himlen å alla molnen speglades i vattnet å sen simmade gåsarna stilla runt där. Å alla höstträd å såå :)

  1. Your photographs are stunning – very, very good. I love the landscapes, and also the still life with the blurred background. Did you achieve that effect by panning? I’ve just been reading about that in the course I’m doing. Thank you for following my blog. I am very happy to return the complement. I am pleased to have connected with you through our passion for photography. Blessings from Lizzie Joy.

    • Thank you so much! I really neded a cheerful comment today.

      The pictures in this post are actuallt taken with my Iphone and i used Instagram to ”edit” them. So actually these arent all that amazing. But I really find my phone useful when Im not carrying my canon550d with me.

      You have really azing pictures yourself! Ill drop by more often!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog!

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