Venice day 4

This was the day that we were finally going to look for one the Vintage shops. After getting lost a few times, we found it! And I finally got a vintage camera necklace!20120905-101037.jpg

After hanging at the beach all day we had lunch aka bread and salami

Getting los in Venice was one of my favorite things to do, you see so much more and a lot of interesting people like this guy

Finally found what we (I) were looking for!


We were kinda tired of pizza, bread, pasta and more pizza. So we decided to have dinner at Hard Roch Café. I didnt think my chicken club sandwich would be two instead of one!



Venice is so beautiful! As no cars are allowed, it’s somehow really peaceful despite all the tourists. Love the atmosphere there.


Täältä löydät parhaat matkat ja hinnat, varaa lennot helposti netistä!



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