Venezia day 1 part 1


We got up insanely early, but it didnt matter cause I couldnt seem to get some decent shut eye anyway. I had been counting the months, weeks and days since we booked our trip.

When we landed in Frankfurt we decided to get lost at the huge air-port. A few passport controls and escalators later we finally found our goal, Starbucks! I had a Raspberry White Cheese Cake & a Caramel Cream. Very healthy indeed.


Samuel had a chocolate cake.


Dont you just love this?


Lufthansa was kind enough to give us some chocolate…


Amazing view


As we got our luagge at Marco Polo air-port we immediately bought a 7 day travel card (50€) plus a tour-retour air-port water bus ticket (27€).  This card was very crucial as our hotel is situated on the island Lido De Venezia, and made it possible for us to travel to Venice and the islands close by as much as we wanted to. A lot of money, but well spent!


During our 60min water bus ride we saw some amazing views!


We stayed at Hotel Helvetia. The room was quite small, but it didnt matter! It had a well functioning AirCon, a good bed and bathroom. What more do you need if you’re only gonna sleep there?


Starving as we were, we didnt look further than to the next door restaurant. As we sat down we looked around to see what everyone else were drinking, and decided to go with the flow. Lemon soda, very yummie and is to be found at the local super market Billa for less than 1/3 of the restaurant price…





After having fed the hungry monsters inside us we decided to follow the main street S.M.E down to the beach. It was only a 10min walk to the other side of the island.



Warm sand and a lovely breeze met us at the beach.

These pictures are taken with my Iphone. The next post has camera pics only, and I’ll show you a bit more of the beach and Lido De Venezia.

Stay tuned, ok? I added a new category as well, Venice.


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